Professional Roof Cleaning

Do you ever look up and notice that some of the roofs on other houses look a bit worse for wear? You’ve probably noticed some that look dirty and discoloured, even a bit green with moss. It can affect the entire appearance of a home and make it look tired and a bit unloved.

Roofs don’t have to remain dirty and discoloured. Cleaning your roof regularly will get it back to looking its best. It can also help prevent the build-up of moss, lichen, and dirt on the roof that, if left in place, can cause water to start to come into your home.

Our professional roof cleaning service is carried out by fully trained, experienced roofers using specialist equipment and detergents that will leave your roof looking as good as new. Using scaffolding towers, we can access all areas of your roof to clean it thoroughly. Once we’re finished, we then protect the roof by spraying it with a specialist biocide that prevents the return of moss and other problems for up to a year.

A quick roof inspection

As trained roofers, we also have the skills to be able to spot any other problems while we’re up on your roof. We’ll do a check of your roof area and can carry out small repairs, including the replacement of roof tiles if necessary, saving you the hassle and extra expense of having to call out a roofer.

Types of roofs we can clean

We can clean all types of the most common domestic roofs found on homes in Scotland, including:

    If you have a different type of roof, please get in touch and we’ll be able to advise you on whether we will be able to help with your roof cleaning needs.

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